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Hebert Law Offices discusses how pensions are divided in a Massachusetts divorce.

Dividing Pensions in a Massachusetts Divorce

Q: Will my spouse get half of my pension if we divorce? Millennial newlyweds getting divorced in Massachusetts may not be overly concerned over what happens to their pensions or …

  • Posted on: Sep 11 2019
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Fighting Over the Furbabies in a Divorce

Who gets the pets in a divorce? Massachusetts divorce attorneys help their clients navigate the difficult road that leads from married back to single life. Sometimes, with the help of …

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2019
  • By:

Parental Kidnapping in Massachusetts

What do I do if my co-parent abducts our child? Hiring a skilled Massachusetts child custody dispute attorney is important when issues arise regarding: supervised visitations modification of child custody …

  • Posted on: Dec 20 2018
  • By:

Court Dismissal of a Divorce Proceeding

Q: Can the judge dismiss my divorce for delay or inaction? If you are considering getting divorced in Massachusetts, there are many issues to work out with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. …

  • Posted on: Sep 4 2018
  • By:

Determining Child Custody in Massachusetts

Q: How is child custody determined when parents can’t agree? A Massachusetts family law attorney can help couples transitioning from “I do” to “I’m done” and work out all the …

  • Posted on: Nov 8 2017
  • By:

Contempt Proceedings in Divorce Cases

Can I be sent to jail for not paying child support or alimony? When a couple divorces, their divorce judgment outlines important obligations on both sides with respect to child …

  • Posted on: Feb 24 2017
  • By:

How to Enforce a Child Support Order

What can be done about deadbeat parents? Going through a divorce is a difficult experience, and once a settlement agreement is in place, many individuals have an opportunity to move …

  • Posted on: Jan 2 2017
  • By:

How Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

Can Facebook posts be used as evidence in a divorce proceeding? When someone gets arrested, the police are required to read the Miranda Warnings: “you have a right to remain …

  • Posted on: Nov 28 2016
  • By:


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