Client Reviews

OUTSTANDINGShe was better than the lawyers on tv. She was a superior lawyer compared to my wife’s attorney. Could tell she was prepared for my case.. If I ever need an attorney I would use her.. Great job Mandy!!!

– Ronald

Thank you….I was so nervous about hiring an attorney but from the second I spoke with you I felt at home and safe. You were able to portray a fine line between bit bull and pussy cat. There is no question she was a bit bull in court!! I couldn’t ask for better results not to mention the fact she actually listened to me! She’s worth every penny!!

– Bruce

Renewed my faith in lawyersI just want to thank attorney Hebert for what she did for me and my children! While I understand she was busy at times she still provided me with her cell phone so I could get answers on the weekends! I truly know I wasn’t just another “client” but I was a case she cared about. I ended up with primary physical custody of my children…….something I though I could only dream about. My kids are doing great and I owe it all to attorney Hebert! She will be my attorney for a lifetime!

– Trey

Mandy is a great family law attorneyI have been enduring court battles with a narcissistic ex husband, and his equally awful attorney. Throughout my journey, Mandy has supported me and my wishes, and has been absolutely amazing representation. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side through this turmoil. Thanks, Mandy!

– Jen

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