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When parties receive a divorce judgment, they are both required to abide by the terms. Any party who willfully violates the terms of a court order can be held in contempt of court and face serious punishments and consequences. Whether you are being accused of violating a court order, or need an aggressive advocate to help you enforce an order before a judge, Hebert Law Offices can help you.

I am an experienced contempt lawyer in Worcester who has handled numerous cases for men and women all across Massachusetts. My family law firm is well-versed in the law and equipped to effectively resolve all types of contempt matters.

  • We can represent clients in a wide range of contempt cases, including those involving:
  • Child Custody – Interfering with custody and visitation by refusing access, parental alienation, relocating without notifying other parent, or ignoring visitation schedules
  • Child Support – Refusing to pay support, constantly being late on payment, or underpaying the required amount
  • Alimony/Spousal Support – Refusing to pay the required alimony, being late on payments, or underpaying
  • Property Division – Failing to comply with property division obligations, such as through transfer of property or sale of certain assets

Avoiding Contempt – Need to Modify an Order?

In some cases, contempt may not be intentional. You may have lost a job and are unable to pay child support, or you need to relocate quickly but do not know how to modify a custody agreement.

My firm can help clients avoid contempt issues by proactively seeking family court order modifications. I can assist with all the paperwork and find solutions to disputes involving parties who wish to challenge your request to modify an order.

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