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Even once your divorce is settled and the ink on the papers has dried, you may find that you need to modify one or more of the orders due to a substantial change in your life. Whether you have lost a job, suffered a health problem, need to relocate after a remarriage or for a job, have received a major promotion that increases your income dramatically, or had to take a job at a lower salary than you previously earned, you will have to request a modification in your divorce decree.

It is also possible that your ex-spouse’s circumstances have changed significantly for one of the above reasons or that one of your children has developed special needs. These issues, too, may require modifications to the court order.

To prevent being accused of violating your current court order, it is essential that you contact an experienced modification attorney to guide you through the modification process. Hebert Law Offices regularly handles all types of modifications involving custody, support, visitation and other situations. I am a skilled family lawyer who can help you handle all of the details and effectively resolve disputes that arise along the way.

My family law firm can provide effective guidance for:

The remarriage of the spouse receiving spousal support is considered a significant change in circumstances, since the court typically considers that the partner receiving support is no longer dependent on the ex-spouse. Nonetheless, there are some divorce decrees that specifically state that the alimony provision is not modifiable, in which case that provision remains legally binding. It should be noted that the remarriage of the spouse who is paying support is not considered a pertinent factor.

Modifying a Custody Court Order after Divorce Is Finalized 

Whether you are modifying a custody court order due to a change in your circumstances or are dissatisfied with the original terms of your divorce, I can help. I will review your case, evaluate all pertinent documents, and help determine your best options under your present circumstances.

The courts consider the following issues when reviewing your custody modification request:

  • Do both parties agree to the modification?
  • Did one or both parties violate the court order?
  • Were one or both parties convicted of custodial interference?
  • Are the children in an environment that is harmful to their mental or physical health?

The Advantages of Working with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

At Hebert Law Offices, my firm can help clients challenge modifications as well as request them. My team and I provide personalized, one-on-one guidance and tenacious advocacy. My background as a military and civilian police officer has instilled in me an excellent work ethic and a passion for helping others. I take the time to study your case, get to know your family, and work towards an outcome that is in your best interests. For support regarding all your post-divorce matters, my firm is here to protect you, both inside and outside of court.

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