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When you have a loved one who is too incapacitated to care for him or herself, or a child whose parents are absent or no longer able to provide adequate care, family members can step in and request guardianship from the court. Once you become the guardian of a vulnerable individual, the person you are caring for becomes known as your “ward.” During such a family crisis, it is critical that you have a trusted family law attorney to guide you through the process and help ensure that your loved one is safeguarded.

I am a dedicated Worcester, MA guardianship lawyer with extensive experience navigating the guardianship process and advocating for the protection of vulnerable loved ones. From preparing petitions to litigating disputes among family members seeking guardianship, my family law firm can provide effective solutions to complicated, emotionally charged problems.

When do individuals need a guardian?

There are several situations in which family members seek guardianship to protect loved ones, including:

  • Children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by parents
  • Adults who are mentally ill and/or dysfunctional
  • Adults who are elderly, physically ill, suffering from dementia, or otherwise incapacitated

My team and I realize the urgency of guardianship cases and work swiftly to resolve disputes to make sure your loved one receives proper care, attention, and supervision as quickly as possible.

What are the duties of a guardian?

Becoming a guardian is an important role with many responsibilities. Courts do not make decisions regarding guardianship lightly and will only appoint an individual who can demonstrate competence to manage the ward’s day-to-day affairs with efficiency and concern. I do my best to help my clients better understand their responsibilities as guardians and to prepare them for the role.

Guardians of adults are required to:

  • Make decisions regarding financial affairs
  • Make decisions regarding medical care
  • Make decisions regarding personal care

Guardians of children are required to:

  • Provide food and shelter for the child
  • Provide for the child’s educational and emotional development
  • Provide for the child’s medical care needs
  • Provide for the day-to-day care of the child

It should be noted that a guardian must be at least 18 years of age, reside in the United States, and need not be related to the child. Also, a child aged 14 or older must nominate his or her guardian by signing the proposed guardian’s petition for guardianship before a notary public. In other words, a child of this age has a say in the matter of his or her guardianship.

Need a trusted Worcester family lawyer?

If you would like to request guardianship or dispute a guardianship request by a family member, my firm is ready to help you. In addition to my vast experience in family law, I also have a background as a military officer and civilian police officer. I advocate tenaciously for my clients and work tirelessly to make sure they, and the wards they seek to protect, are provided with every possible safeguard.

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