Restraining Orders Attorney in Worcester, MA

Restraining Order Attorney in Worcester, MA

A restraining order is a court order used to prohibit one individual from making contact with another individual. Restraining orders are most frequently put in place in troubled domestic relationships. If you are being harassed or harmed by your spouse, dating partner or another household member contact a dedicated domestic violence attorney at Hebert Law Offices.

My team and I are adept at assisting clients with issues of domestic violence. We can help you file restraining orders and help you take every possible precaution to ensure your safety.  As our client, you can be confident that we will do everything in our power to keep you from being subjected to further physical or emotional harm. From helping clients prepare for hearings to taking action on your behalf to enforce violations, we are here for you.

The Other Side of the Coin

Of course, not all individuals going through divorces are honest, and it is common for one party to accuse the other of domestic violence in order to gain the upper hand in divorce or custody proceedings. Here at Hebert Law Office, we are quite familiar with such manipulations and well-prepared to defend your rights if you have been unfairly accused of domestic violence. We know all too well how such unfair accusations can negatively impact every aspect of your life — your relationships, your job, your reputation — so we aggressively challenge false accusations to protect you from slander and its serious repercussions.

Who is affected by a restraining order?

Restraining orders are used to prohibit abuse in domestic relationships involving:

  • Parents who share children
  • Present and former boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Present and former fiancés/fiancées
  • Household members
  • Blood relatives
  • Relatives by marriage

Of course, restraining orders are also used in non-domestic situations, such as cases involving stalking or harassment of celebrities, neighbors, former friends, classmates or colleagues.

209A Retraining Orders

The two types of 209A restraining orders are No Contact Orders and Abuse Prevention Orders.  A No Contact Order prohibits the alleged abuser from initiating contact with the victim anywhere — at home, at work, in public or at any other venue. An Abuse Prevention Order stipulates that the alleged abuser is also forbidden to threaten or attempt to cause physical harm or to engage in forced sexual relations with the person being victimized.

Legal Help from an Experienced Attorney

Whether you are a victim of abuse or a victim of false accusations, let me intervene for you. Having an experienced, savvy, and assertive attorney as your representative can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your rights. As a former police officer and military officer, I am no stranger to dealing with family law matters that overlap into criminal defense.  I have the fortitude and legal skills to take on your challenges, however daunting they may seem.

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