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Couples who are going through a divorce often have intense disputes regarding finances. One issue in particular that becomes a bone of contention between couples is spousal support (also referred to as alimony in Massachusetts). The purpose of spousal support is to level the playing field for divorcing spouses. In many cases, one spouse may have, by mutual agreement, stayed at home to take care of the family, foregoing developing job skills or a career.

In such cases, spousal support may be necessary, as least temporarily, to allow the stay-at-home spouse to continue to live comfortably while preparing for a different future than he or she planned for. In the case of older or ailing stay-at-home spouses, spousal support may have to be ongoing.

If you are concerned about whether you will be expected to pay spousal support, or if you are interested in securing alimony to preserve your financial interests, talk to a trusted family law attorney at Hebert Law Offices.  With a long history of serving families and providing exceptional care and guidance, I am here to work tirelessly for you. From negotiation all the way through litigation, I fiercely guard your interests to make sure that you walk away with a fair and practical solution.

How is Spousal Support Determined?

Alimony is not required in all divorces and can be negotiated between spouses. Alimony payments can be awarded as regular payments, a one-time payment, or on an indefinite basis, depending on the circumstances and duration of the marriage. If couples are unable to settle on an agreement regarding alimony, the decision may be left up to a family law judge. If this is the case, it is extremely important that you work with a skilled family lawyer with the know-how to ensure the best possible results.

Factors that affect the court’s decision to award spousal support

There are many variables that must be taken into account in determining whether spousal support is awarded and what the amount will be. These include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Health of each spouse
  • Lifestyle during marriage
  • Financial resources of each spouse (income, employability, accumulated assets)
  • Spousal loss of economic opportunities due to the marriage
  • Contributions to marriage (economic and non-economic)

Whether you are the spouse deserving of spousal support or the spouse being asked to provide it, our team can provide you with the rock solid backup you need. We are fully equipped to fight to make sure you are not taken advantage of by your ex-spouse (or his or her attorneys) and that your needs are given equitable consideration by the court.

As a dedicated divorce lawyer in Worcester, I work hard to protect my clients. My background in the military and as a civilian police officer has instilled in me an excellent work ethic and experience working with people of all backgrounds. I  will advocate strongly for your interests and strive to reassure you during this time of uncertainty.

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